Internet, Hosting & Voice

Connectivity Anywhere

Internet Connectivity

A wide range of connectivity options available UK wide to both residential and business customers.

  • Leased Lines – 100Mbps, 1Gbps & 10Gbps
  • Broadband – SoGEA / FTTP
  • Unlimited Data
  • Static IPs and IPv6 Prefixes
  • BGP Support

Voice and Telephony

Phones are still important! Even in 2024. That’s why we offer hosted PBX (VoIP), standard SIMs and Multi-Network SIMs

  • Hosted PBX Server – Asterisk or FreeSwitch
  • SIP Trunks
  • O2 and Vodafone SIMs
  • Global Multi-Network SIMs

Connected to 600+ networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the install time?

Leased lines typically come with an up-to 90 day install window, this is often quicker, espeiclally if you’re in a built up area. Broadband and Data Centre connectivity can often be completed within a week.

How does a bearer work?

When quoting for a leased line you will often see the word bearer, for example a 100Mbps leased line will be provided on a 1Gbps bearer, this means the underlying connection has the capability of upto 1Gbps of bandwidth however the line is limited to the 100Mbps you have purchased. With this, if you wanted to upgrade to 200Mbps, or 500Mbps we can do this as a soft change with no downtime. If you however ordered 1Gbps, on a 1Gbps bearer, and wanted to upgrade to 2Gbps, or higher, we would need to do a physical equiptment upgrade, as the underlying hardware is physically limited to 1Gbps (the bearer)

Where are your data centres located?

We utilise datacentres in Manchester and London.

What are the benefits of using a multi-network SIM?

The main benefit is the roaming capabilities, our multi-network SIMs can use the UKs 4 major mobile networks, O2, Vodafone, EE and Three, and most international networks giving you flexability and connectivity almost anywhere in the UK and the world!